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Air Duct Cleaning Service

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Breathe Easy with Our Air Duct Cleaning Services

Creating a healthy environment starts with quality air flow. But indoor air pollutants can make breathing difficult for anyone with allergies and asthma. Our air duct cleaning services save you money and improve the air quality for everyone in your facility. With more than 30 years industry experience, we have the knowledge and resources to tackle any duct cleaning challenge.


  • Reduce Energy Costs

    According to the U.S. Department of Energy, HVAC systems waste 25-40% of the energy used. Air pollutants reduce your system’s efficiency and decreases the lifespan of your HVAC system. Over time, these pollutants reduce your air quality while increasing your energy bills.

    Fortunately, regular air duct cleaning reduces your energy and maintenance costs. Our technicians clean your ducts from end to end, so air can flow unhindered throughout your business.

  • A Service You Can Trust

    We are a local, family-owned business. We offer businesses fast, quality work and professional technicians. No matter your industry or your facility size, our goal is to exceed your expectations with the quality of our work and the integrity of our technicians.

    We attribute our success to our commitment to straight talk and fair pricing. When you hire us for commercial duct service, you get a skilled team and outstanding service.

  • Other Types of Commercial Duct Service Available

    In addition to our standard commercial duct service, we also offer several services for those in the food industry. We understand restaurants and other food industry businesses must adhere to strict health and hygiene standards. That is why we provide the following services customized to those unique needs:

    • Restaurant duct cleaning
    • Kitchen ventilation cleaning
    • Dryer vent cleaning

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Here is what you can expect when you call Bare Metal Maintenance:

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Bare Metal Maintenance crews will make repairs or clean to bare metal

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Bare Metal Maintenance will reach out a few weeks prior to the next months cleaning

Contact our company to schedule commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning for your facility. We proudly serve businesses in Chicago, Brookfield, Aurora, Evanston, and Joliet, Illinois, as well as the surrounding areas.