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HVAC-R Maintenance

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HVAC-R Preventative Maintenance

As a restaurant owner, there are two things you need: high quality food and customers. That’s why keeping the food you purchased, and your customers comfort are two of your top priorities.

Regular HVAC-R maintenance can be the difference between being open for business and losing thousands of dollars of perishables because your cooler stopped working. Or the loss of customers because your AC is on the fritz. Either scenario is a recipe for financial loss.


    • Regular Maintenance Saves Money

      Some business owners believe that a regular maintenance program is unnecessary and a waste of money. However, the opposite is true. Keeping your equipment in top working order reduces your risk of an unexpected HVAC-R emergency can disrupt your business.

      Bare Metal Maintenance can help to keep your customers happy and your food products fresh.

      Bare Metal Maintenance’s Preventative Maintenance will keep your refrigeration systems operation at peak efficiency and reduce system break down significantly.

      In other words, regular maintenance is good business sense. By maintaining your HVAC-R systems, you:


      • Reduce electricity costs
      • Reduce repair costs
      • Increase equipment performance
      • Save more money


  • Commercial HVAC-R Services Your Business Can Rely On

    Place the reputation of your business in the hands of a commercial HVAC-R contractor team you can trust. Our local company is family-owned, so we know how important this is to our fellow community businesses. We strive to serve our community well on every job we complete.

    The following are part of our Preventative Maintenance service:


    • Condenser and evaporator coil cleanings
    • Drain pan cleaning and repairs
    • Belt and motor replacements
    • Filter replacements


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Here is what you can expect when you call Bare Metal Maintenance:

Bare Metal Maintenance will schedule the best time for your business

Bare Metal Maintenance will perform a free inspection

Bare Metal Maintenance will inform you of any issues and answer all your questions

Bare Metal Maintenance will send you a detail quote and schedule a time that best suits your schedule

Bare Metal Maintenance crews will make repairs or clean to bare metal

Bare Metal Maintenance will follow up with an quality inspection of the service

Bare Metal Maintenance will reach out a few weeks prior to the next months cleaning

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